“To Be Real”: Drag, Minstrelsy and Identity in the New Millennium

Feb. 1, 2005

[1] In the preface to her analysis Racechanges, feminist scholar Susan Gubar explains her own induction to contemporary race theory via gender theory and questions the resistance to scholarly work on racechange: “Was the subject of transracial crossing more taboo than that of transvestism or transsexuality? Not only has the...

Passing as a “Lady”: Nationalist Narratives of Femininity, Race, and Class in Elite Canadian Figure Skating

Jan. 2, 2005

Canadian Nationalism and the Construction of a “Socially Appropriate” Femininity [1] Nations have historically constructed themselves as gendered institutions (eg. Nagel 1998; Parker and Russo et al. 1992; Yuval-Davis 1997), and at different times and for different purposes, they have sought to promote certain “official” gendered or sexual identities for...