Close Encounters on Screen: Gender and the Loss of the Field

Feb. 1, 1999

[1] "The camera has uncovered that cell-life of the vital issues in which all great events are ultimately conceived; for the greatest landslide is only the aggregate of the movements of single particles. A multitude of close-ups can show us the very instant in which the general is transformed into...

Signing Woolf: The Textual Body of the Name

Jan. 20, 1999

[1] Virginia Woolf's writing has been said to instance the connection between the body and the letter, and to exemplify, if not Cixous's écriture féminine, then a language that reflects female experience. Readings by Shari Benstock, Daniel Ferrer, Leigh Gilmore, Jane Marcus and others have focused on Woolf's rhythmic, poetic...

Of Beauty Pageants and Barbie: Theorizing Consumption in Asian American Transnational Feminism

Jan. 10, 1999

Bobby takes the little cuz to a T.J. beauty shop. Get rid of the pigtails. Get rid of the Chinagirl look. Get a cut looking like Rafaela. That's it. Now get her a T-shirt and some jeans and some tennis shoes. Jeans say Levi's. Shoes say Nike. T-shirt says Malibu...