“Going Straight”: Camera Work as Men’s Work in the Gendering of American Photography, 1900-1923

Oct. 1, 1999

"We'd all sit together at a big table and Diane would sit with us. She'd never say a word — she'd just listen and then suddenly you'd look up and she'd be gone. She was the only woman who was ever in our little group." – Walter Silver, documentary photographer...

Tropical Rearwindow: Gauguin’s Manao Tupapau and Primitivist Ambivalence

Nov. 1, 1998

I'm not much on rearwindow ethics" –Grace Kelly, responding to Jimmy Stewart's belated ethical/optical crisis, in Hitchcock's Rear Window Sadistic Gaze [1] Two recent and influential feminist discussions of Paul Gauguin's Pacific oeuvre have no time for ambivalence when it comes to analysing Gauguin's imbrication in the aesthetic practices and...