On the Semiotic Basis of Knowledge and Ethics: An Interview with Susan Petrilli and Augusto Ponzio about their new book, Semiotics Unbound

April 1, 2008

[1] DP: Let me start by thanking you for agreeing to talk about your book with me. I found Semiotics Unbounded a really fascinating attempt to synthesize a lot of material in the field of semiotics that will be unfamiliar to many of us (especially in the U.S.) who were... Read more »

Theories of Materiality and Location: Moving Through Kathy Acker’s Empire of the Senseless

April 1, 1998

(1) Adrienne Rich's association of politics and "location" has increasingly appeared as the logical next step beyond deconstruction's often wearying analysis of metaphysical convolutions. Today, literary and cultural critics routinely speak of the need to take account of the "location" of the critic, text, and subject as the basis for... Read more »