Boys and Girls Come Out to Play: Gender and Music-Making in Hamilton, New Zealand/Aotearoa

Sept. 1, 2010

[1] This article addresses gender and popular music-making in the city of Hamilton, New Zealand, a moderately prosperous provincial city (population 130,000) which services a large rural sector (the Waikato). Starting from the observation that few women enroll in tertiary commercial music courses in Hamilton, I aim to examine both... Read more »

Kiwi Blokes: Recontextualising White New Zealand Masculinities in a Global Setting

Aug. 20, 2005

[1] Writing in issue 38 of this journal, Debali Mookerjea-Leonard suggested that Hindu nationalists in pre-Independence India engaged in “a process of myth-making whereby feminine sexual purity was endowed with the status of the transcendental signifier of national virtue … embedded in a mosaic of macrosociological dynamics of colonialism and... Read more »