Keenan Brown in a blue suitMA, 2020
B2B English Trainer, Écolangues - Angers, France

Keenan Brown has a BA in Romantic Languages and Dramatic Arts with a minor in music from UNC Chapel Hill, an MA in French Literature from CU Boulder, an MBA from l'université catholique de l'ouest, a Certificate in College teaching from CU Boulder, and TEFL from Global Language Training. He uses his degrees today to do professional trainings at different companies, including linguistic classes in Angers, France.

"After completing my Master's degree, I realized how much I had fallen in love with France and wanted to find a way to return. I had already completed a marketing internship and wanted to combine my passion for languages with the excitement of re-entering the business world. So I decided to do an MBA in Angers. With certificates, two internships in export consulting and digital marketing respectively, and a paper presented at an international conference, I finished my studies with an incredibly enriching experience to take into my working career. I help professionals in various fields perfect their English for the specific context of their needs, by using my professional experience and qualifications as a support."