PhD, 2018 Jessica Appleby
Associate Professor of French, University of Central Oklahoma

Jessica received her BA in French in 2006, her MA in French in 2008, and her PhD in French in 2017, all from CU. She also received a Master in English from Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle in 2012. Currently, she is an Associate Professor of French at the University of Central Oklahoma. She teaches classes on a range of topics, from Elementary French to phonetics, cultural and literary history from pre-history through the 17th century, bande dessinée, and medieval epics. She is the faculty sponsor for the French Club and Medieval Society, a student organization that practices experimental archeology and living history. She has published articles on teaching gender-neutral language in the world language classroom and biphobia in Le Bleu est une couleur chaude. Jessica has forthcoming publications on women embodying conflict in Aubigné's Tragiques and using pop culture to teach Arthurian tradition, based on the Game of Thrones class she developed for CU.