BA, 2019 Finnbar Shortfall


Milan has been absolutely fantastic these last few months. It's taken a little bit of time to assimilate and get the layout of the city, etc, but now after the winter break I am really beginning to feel like a local. My Liceo where I am working at is really nice, good students and very helpful and nice teachers as well. It certainly took a little while to get the hang of teaching but I think I have improved over these past few months. I have met a great group of other American interns here, and we have all gotten along very well, and they have been great travelling partners! Around Milan over the past few months I have visited Parma, Bergamo, Torino, a town in the Alps called Sauze D'Oulx (with much cheaper skiing than CO), among a few others. I spent some time in Rome with my family there, and then was able to visit a cousin of mine in Stuttgart, Germany, as well as spending the holidays with family in Ireland. My Mom came to visit just this past weekend so I was able to do a few more tourist activities with her. We got a spot to go see the Cenacolo, which was absolutely incredible and well worth it even after being shuffled out after only 15 minutes. I have also been able to see plenty of the works we examined in our class at the Pinacoteca di Brera. Specifically to see a few of Canaletto's works up close was really incredible, much better than on a computer screen! I am still going through a few lists of things to see in Milan and around Italy, even though I have done and seen a lot, it feels as though I have barely scratched the surface! I have attached a few photos of my travels so far. 2 Pictures of myself at the Bergamo "Alta Citta", the stunning San Siro Stadio, the view from our hotel in the Alps, a few of the works we studied that I have now seen up close and personal, and the armor room at the museo Bagatti Valsecchi, which might be my personal favorite museum in Milan. Hope all is well in Colorado and CU! I can't say enough how much of an incredible experience this is!

January, 2020