PhD, 2021 Danica Petrovska
Head of Languages, Windsor School of Bahamas

After finishing her Ph.D., Danica (pronounced Danitsa) moved to the Bahamas to teach French and is Head of Languages at the Windsor School of Bahamas in Albany. In the vibrant international community at Windsor School, and in the Caribbean region, Danica empowers students by helping them express themselves in a foreign language and honing intercultural skills of being more self-confident speakers, listeners, readers, and writers. Danica has more than ten years of international teaching experience and taught almost all of the French language classes offered by the French and Italian Department. She holds a MA in Applied Languages from Côte d’Azur University and an MBA in Arts and Culture from the Business School of Nice, France. She has taught Business and Legal French at the French Institute of Skopje to government officials. At the Museum of Fine Arts of Nice, she worked on an open-access cultural program to bring underprivileged young people closer to the art available in the Museum.

Danica finished her Ph.D. in French cinematography at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she taught French language, culture, and cinema for eight years. In Boulder, Danica held a leadership position that enabled her to create pedagogical strategies in order to improve undergraduate teaching at the University of Colorado. Outside the classroom, as a Social Chair for the Graduate and Professional Student Government, Danica organized social events and contributed to a thriving student community and fostered supportive interpersonal relationships among graduate students. Through her involvement with the ISSS, she served as a mentor to several international students from underserved backgrounds. As a Lead at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) for the French and Italian Department, Danica organized workshops on pedagogical strategies that bring together diversified language activities to better engage students in today’s multicultural and technological society. During her very little free time in Colorado, she enjoyed skiing, exploring the nightlife and reading astrology for her friends.