Michela Ardizzoni
Associate Professor

WDBY 407

Monday 10:00am - 12:00pm; Or by appointment


Michela Ardizzoni is an associate professor in the department of French and Italian and affiliate in the department of Media Studies. She received her Ph.D. in Media Studies from Indiana University-Bloomington and her Master’s in American Studies from the University of Iowa. Her research focuses on global media, connected media practices, and media activism.


  • North/South, East/West: Mapping Italiannes on Television (2007). 
  • Beyond Monopoly: Globalization and Contemporary Italian Media (co-edited with Chiara Ferrari; 2010) 
  • Mediterranean Encounters in the City (co-edited with Valerio Ferme; 2015). 
  • Matrix Activism: Global Practices of Resistance (forthcoming in 2017)

Book Chapters

  • “Digital Feminism in Italy: the SNOQ Movement” in E. GordonCivic Media Reader, MIT Press, online publication. 
  • “Borderless Nationalism: RAI’s Transnational Brand” in Commercial Nationalism and Media Branding, co-edited by Mark Andrejevic and Zala Volcic, Palgrave McMillan, pp. 131-146.
  • “Neapolitan Media Activism and Translocal Identities” In: Mediterranean Encounters in the City, M. Ardizzoni and V. Ferme (eds.), Lexington Books, pp. 91-110.
  • “Introduction: the Mediterranean, the City, and Cultural Encounters” In: Mediterranean Encounters in the City, M. Ardizzoni and V. Ferme (eds.), Lexington Books, pp. 1-16.
  • “Nuove Narrative sull’Altro: Arabi e Musulmani nel Cinema Italiano Contemporaneo” In: New Italian Political Cinema? Emerging Themes, Troubador Publishing, 2013, pp. 152-162. 
  • Co-author with C. Ferrari, “Introduction: Italian Media Between the Local and the Global” In: Beyond Monopoly: Globalization and Contemporary Italian Media, co-edited with Chiara Ferrari, Lexington Books, 2010, pp. xi-xix. 
  • “Neighborhood Television Channels in Italy: The Case of Telestreet” in Beyond Monopoly: Globalization and Contemporary Italian Media, co-edited with Chiara Ferrari, Lexington Books, 2010, pp. 171-184.
  • Co-editor, “Voices of Dissent: Activists’ Engagements in the Creation of Alternative, Autonomous, Radical and Independent Media.” Interface: A Journal for and about Social Movements 2(2): 2010.
  • “Matrix Activism: Media, Neo-Liberalism, and Social Action” International Journal of Communication, 9 (2015): 1-20.
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