Spring 2023medieval manuscripts painting

Course: ITAL/FREN 1400
Instructor: Suzanne Magnanini
Meets: MWF 12:20-1:10pm

Are women the same species as men? Is biological sex fluid? Can men become pregnant? Can a woman spontaneously become a man? Should women and men be educated differently? How should a virtuous and honorable husband behave toward his wife? How should a proper woman dress? Between 1300 and 1600, French and Italian men and women, writers and artists, participated in a debate on the status of women as they sought to define the place of men and women in the world. In this class we will study literature, scientific and political texts, and artwork as we consider how these questions regarding acceptable sexuality and gender norms relate to our own beliefs today. Field trips to examine artwork and medieval manuscripts.

Fulfills: A & S-Arts & Humanities and Diversity-Global Perspective, as well similar requirements in the Colleges of Engineering, Music, Education, and CMCI

Questions? Suzanne.Magnanini@colorado.edu