Taught in English

Fall 2023

Course: FREN 1200
Professor: Charlie SamuelsonGame of Thrones image with women and dragons
Meets: MWF 11:15 - 12:05

The popularity of George RR Martin's fantasy saga A Song of Ice and Fire and its Emmy-winning HBO adaptation Game of Thrones shows us that major themes from medieval stories still resonate with audiences, even a thousand years after their composition. Why is this? This course will introduce you to some major epic and romance texts of the Middle Ages, such as Beowulf, The Song of Romance, and The Death of King Arthur. We will aim to understand the rich literary tradition that has led to our modern interest in dragons, damsels, knights, heroes, monsters, magic, murder, and so forth. We will particularly focus on how medieval literature can guide us to a richer understanding both of our own interests, desires, and fears: of who we are.


This course is taught in English and has been approved for the Arts and Sciences core curriculum.


Please email Charles.Samuelson@colorado.edu if you have questions about the course.