Business in Italy - ITAL 4040

Spring 2020
TR 11:00 am - 12:15 pm
Instuctor: Cosetta Seno
Taught in Italian

Expensive new red convertable cars driving down an a road in the country side in Italy.

Have you ever dreamed of working for Ferrari, Prada, Gucci, Eataly, or actually beginning your own Start Up in Italy?  Have you ever thought of becoming an international lawyer? How would you like to wake up in the morning and read the Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore while you drink your cappuccino?
Italy is mainly known for its rich artistic, cultural and literary patrimony but we must not forget that it is also one of the G7 countries, an international intergovernmental economic organization consisting of the seven largest IMF (International Monetary Fund) described advanced economies in the world.
This course will introduce the students to many exciting topics:  the Italian business culture, the success of the Made in Italy brands as well as the language of business, finance and commerce. The course will also focus on how business is conducted in Italy by taking into account language, customs, regional differences, politics and by teaching students the best communicative strategies used in business transactions and correspondences.  

This course is taught in Italian.

Please contact Professor Cosetta Seno if you need more information.