Brian Valente-Quinn
Assistant Professor

HUMN 317


Brian Valente-Quinn (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles) specializes in the literature and drama of Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa. His research focuses on African theater and performance, with a theoretical interest in the fields of Cultural and Performance Studies. Professor Valente-Quinn’s current book project explores reworkings and innovations of the theatrical stage space and performance practices in Senegal from the colonial era to the present. His documentary film, Bamba, the Taste of Knowledge (co-directed with Gino Canella), is part of this larger project and examines the use of the popular stage space in the religious and cultural life of the Muridiyya of Senegal.
Professor Valente-Quinn leads a CU global seminar called “Cultures of Activism in Dakar, Senegal.” This Maymester course takes students on an immersive experience in Dakar, and includes a theatrical presentation in collaboration with local forum theater company Kaddu Yaraax. 


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