Suzanne Soled
Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Support • Director, Faculty Relations

2055 Regent Drive
UCB 49
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309

As Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Development in the Office of Faculty Affairs, Suzanne provides leadership in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of signature programs and new initiatives to enhance the success of all faculty. Her key responsibility is to develop and implement the strategic plan for faculty development and support to help faculty thrive, which involves designing, implementing, and assessing programming for faculty development in professional areas outside of teaching, including developing new initiatives.

As Director of Faculty Relations in the Office of Faculty Affairs, Suzanne’s work focuses on activities intended to foster a positive and productive working environment for faculty members. She provides direct conflict resolution services as well as coaching and training to help faculty and academic administrators manage conflict in their professional relationships. When appropriate, she recommends changes in policies and procedures to enable the University community to more effectively navigate and resolve issues of conflict and conduct. She also investigates allegations of unprofessional behavior or faculty misconduct (excluding discrimination and sexual harassment) and makes recommendations for administrative action.

Suzanne joined CU Boulder after a career as a professor, department chair, associate dean, and executive director at universities in the Midwest. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of California-Los Angeles and her Ph.D. in Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistical Analysis from the University of Chicago.