Same Daley
Head of Product, Education and Learning • Liquid Interactive 

Sam is a digital product and design leader at Liquid, a strategic design agency in Brisbane, Australia. Sam takes a human-centred approach to creating learning experiences that connect the digital and real-world to enable meaningful change. He fosters a collaborative culture that helps teams navigate complex problem-solving terrain with an approach that's grounded in his wide-ranging industry experience and deep craft skills as a designer and animator. Sam is a passionate believer in the visceral power of art to inspire and engage, and the invisible power of strategic design to create change in a way that feels effortless. 

Collaborating on InsideU with the Crown Institute team has drawn upon Sam’s multifaceted 25-year career that has spanned digital interactive design, animation for entertainment and games, education, and product strategy. With this diverse toolkit, Sam has helped experiment, prototype, and deliver new modes of digital learning that push the boundaries of learning, entertainment, and play for clients like Disney, Lego Group, and Dreamworks. The values of the Crown Institute team align strongly with Sam’s mission to give learners a central voice in the design process and create evidence-based learning experiences that are nuanced, expressive, sincere, effective, and fun. As you might imagine, Sam is immensely proud of what the InsideU team have accomplished together.