Principal, Centennial Middle School • Boulder Valley School District

John McCluskey works to change the way we collectively think about schools and education. He brings insights that span over 30 years in education working as a teacher and administrator for institutions as varied as the Jefferson County Open School and Colorado State University, and roles from woodshop teacher, to graduate school teacher to special educator to school Principal. His commitment and passion for supporting the creation of culturally responsive and nurturing classroom settings have been the pillars of his long career in education and his passion continues to create change wherever he is called. John is currently serving as the principal of Centennial Middle School in Boulder, Colorado and has been a member of the Passageworks faculty since 1998 and the Center for Council Training since 1992.  His involvement with the Renée Crown Institute began in 2018.  In his spare time, John never misses a chance to sit in circles with educators, parents, children and anyone who is willing to listen deeply and speak from the heart, and those who are not!