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11 people were killed and six were injured, including four police officers, in a Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting on October 28th. The assailant entered the Tree of Life Congregation shortly after the morning service began and proceeded to shoot his assault rifle into the crowd.

The attack was motivated by the shooters anti-semitic beliefs. What was supposed to be time of love and worship resulted in what is believed to be the most devastating attack on the Jewish faith in US history.

For the 2,850 Jewish students at CU Boulder, the shooting in Pittsburg was an attack on them as well. Rabbi Yisorel Wilhelm, Director of the Chabad Jewish Center on campus, said that in his 13 years at CU, he had never seen the Jewish community so emotional.

Rabbi Yisorel Wilhelm said for the Jewish students on campus, “It feels like they got shot.”

A candlelight vigil was held in front of the University Memorial Center on Tuesday, October 30th, to mourn the lives lost. The courtyard was full of students, faculty and staff that came together to support one another.

While emotions were high, there was a call not to surrender to hatred. Noah Herreid, Program Director of CU Boulder Hillel, said that the Jewish community does not need to be scared of what’s going on in our society. Instead, Noah said, “They should be proud to be Jewish. They should be proud of their heritage, and they shouldn’t be afraid to display that.”

On Monday, members of CU Boulder Hillel put up a temporary memorial to commemorate the 11 lives that were lost. Pictures of the victims are  The Jewish community refuses to be silenced by this act of hatred and instead has come together in love and unity to build eachother up.