Published: Oct. 1, 2018 By


A new fad is sweeping across college and high school campuses.  ‘Juuling:’ a term coined by this demographic for using Juuls, a new brand of e-cigarette.

NewsTeam’s Natalie Wadas found that for many students, using these e-cigarettes have become a normal part of their routine. For freshman Montana Keys, this is a major part of her life.


“I’ll wake up and I’ll hit [the Juul], and like I’ll bring it to class, and I’ll hit it when I’m walking around, and then I come back home and I hit it when I’m doing homework, and when I go to sleep again I lay in bed and I just hit it.”


These little vapes have shown up on the CU Boulder Police’s radar as well.  Scott Pribble, Public Information Officer for the department says that the policies toward these on campus are no different than smoking cigarettes.


“It’s not illegal to smoke on campus, but it is against campus policy.”


Juul has recently come under fire by the FDA for allegedly marketing to minors.  Whether or not that’s true, one thing is apparent: Juuls have grabbed ahold of a generation and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.