Our office will assist you in finding an internship, seeing if you are eligible for credit, getting credit and launching your future career with a great internship.


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Simple Steps to Getting Credit for Your Internship

  • Check to see that you're eligible for credit
  • Secure an internship where you can work at least 50 hours/credit
  • Ask a full-time professor in your major to supervise (COMM students, see Ruth Hickerson)
  • Report your internship online using our instructions

Use CMCI Internships & Careers from the moment you set foot on campus! Take advantage of one-on-one career counseling and resume reviews, Wednesday Workshops, career fairs and mock job interviews. Our office helps in identifying, applying, reporting and securing for-credit internships and jobs. Our internship packet is a comprehensive guide to the internship process. For career prep, we have Wednesday Workshops throughout the year, and fall and spring career fairs feature dozens of employers. More information is available on our social media sites; check out the social media links at the bottom of every page. About to graduate? It's time to job hunt!