If you do not report your internship online before starting work, you will not receive credit!

Reporting Your Internship

Step 1: Supervision

Find and meet with and/or email a faculty supervisor (any full-time professor in your major) and request faculty supervision of your internship. (COMM students, contact Ruth Hickerson. **This is for COMM students, NOT Strategic Communication/APRD students!)  

List that professor as your faculty supervisor on your online internship report using the above link.

Step 2: Report Online for Credit
Log in to Handshake using your IdentiKey. For screenshots of this process, check out Handshake’s online guide.
  • From the tabs across the top, select the "Career Center" tab
  • Select the Experiences option, then select "Request an Experience"
  • Fill out the Experience form with the details of your position.
  • Once you have entered all the information, select the green “Create Experience” button at the bottom of the page.
  • The next Overview page will allow you to:
    • View the details of your experience
    • Review your supervisor information and communicate with the career center in the “Comments and Activity” section
    • Add “Learning Objectives” to measure the effectiveness of your experience and collaborate with your supervisor/faculty advisor on your goals
    •  View or add attachments to the experience under the “Attachments” section on the left side of the screen
  • Make sure to check in on the “Details” section to see if your experience has been approved.
  • Once your experience is approved, you can stay connected to the Internships Office by communicating in the comments section and view evaluations from your supervisor and advisor.
  • Your faculty supervisor, internship employer and the CMCI assistant dean will be automatically prompted via email to confirm your internship and register you for credit. You do not need to send these emails.
Step 3: Approve Requirements

Your faculty supervisor will communicate additional academic assignments/requirements to you, via email or in person.  Be proactive—you can also ask your professor about these! You must agree to your faculty supervisor’s requirements in order to receive credit.

You will receive an email confirmation from Christine Mahoney once you are registered for credit.

Step 4: Evaluations and Follow-Up

Even though your internship employer evaluates you and recommends a grade, your faculty supervisor determines your final internship grade and/or pass/fail designation.  (If internship credit is required in your major, you will earn a letter grade.  If internship credit is not required, you will earn a pass or fail). Be sure to stay in contact with your professor!

Your internship employer will be prompted via email to complete midterm and final evaluations of your performance.

You will evaluate or “rate” your own internship at the end of semester using the online Internship evaluation form. You will be prompted via email to fill out this form. Thank you for your participation!