Please use this internship packet to find information about:

  • Finding an intern or an employee
  • How to post an internship or job to our online career services website
  • Questions about how to navigate the job and internship database
  • Requirements for CU student internships
  • Contact information for if you need help
  • FAQ
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CU Boulder College of Media, Communication and Information Internships & Careers Coordinator

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Why should you hire an intern?

Media is a rapidly changing industry with digital components that quickly fluctuate in and out of popularity and usefulness. Younger generations are often more plugged-in to technologies, and CU Boulder students are some of the brightest, most driven workers in the job market.

Benefits of hiring an intern:

  • Give a student a chance to learn about professionalism, team-playing and work production.
  • Utilize a fresh, new perspective with someone who is driven to please and succeed.
  • Improve your workforce while not committing to a long-term hire—this is especially useful for startups and smaller companies.

Interning is becoming a more and more integral piece of career experience for college students. Hiring an intern helps students improve their chances of career success, and will help promote your company, too.

What should employers know about internships?

What is an internship?

At CMCI, we define internships as structured, supervised, short-term educational training programs in which undergraduate or graduate students perform tasks and duties within a professional organization to gain knowledge and experience. We view employers as educational partners. Students are supervised and evaluated by both employers and professors, and earn academic credit/letter grades during their internships. Internship experiences should benefit both students and employers. They are a form of experiential learning helping connect students to future careers, while giving employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent.

What is not an internship?

CMCI does not offer internship credits/letter grades for remote or unsupervised internships, because although they offer valuable work experience, they offer little to no mentoring or educational support. Students may engage in paid or volunteer “freelance” work within the professional industries of their choice, but may not receive academic credit for these experiences if unsupervised.

Note: We offer two types of internship credit:

  • Elective internship credit
  • Required class internship credit

*The requirements are different for each type of credit.

Find an Intern/Employee or Post a Position

Please go to Post a Position and follow the instructions to create a profile or log-in to your employer account on Handshake.

What are the different majors and sequences?

Please see the CMCI website for major descriptions and additional information.

Student Requirements for Credit

Internship credit is given to students as an elective based on number of hours worked (Schedule to be negotiated between student and employer.)

Student Requirements

  • 50 hours of internship work per credit for all majors
  • Max of three credits for any major in fall/spring semesters
  • Max of six credits in summer (all majors); cost for students in summer is per credit

Employers must meet certain criteria:

  • Have on-site intern supervisor/mentor
  • Have higher level of experience than student
  • Have ability to educate student on “big picture” strategy, such as how student’s work fits into overall project goals, client needs, etc.
Student Evaluations

Employers are required to evaluate students twice during the semester. The internship office will send via email a midterm and final evaluation which employers will be asked to complete on Handshake. Professors use these evaluations to determine students’ final internship grades.

Legal Policies

Please see Legal Policies for information.

Will my student intern be receiving school credit and worker’s compensation insurance?

It depends on the student’s major and desire to earn credit.  In CMCI, Journalism and Media Studies majors are required to earn three internship credits to graduate.  Other students (Advertising, Public Relations, Media Design; Communication; Critical Media Practices) are not required to earn internship credit to graduate, but have the option to receive upper-division elective credit.  It is the employer’s responsibility to confirm the student’s credit decision. 

If a student is receiving credit, the internship office will send an approval request and evaluations via email.  Students participating in formal, unpaid internships for credit are considered employees of the university and are covered under the University of Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage. 

Students participating in formal, paid internships for credit are considered employees of the host company.  The state of Colorado requires employers to provide workers' compensation insurance to all paid interns working in Colorado.  This can be part of your company’s W2 process. 

If the paid intern is not working in Colorado, we recommend you check your state’s requirements.

Expense Policy

Please help students make educated choices when selecting internships. If your work site is outside of Boulder, and/or if the internship involves driving to/from interview or production locations, will interns be reimbursed for gas/mileage? When posting a position, there is a section where you can detail your reimbursement policy, if any.

Gear Use Policy

The university does not allow the use of state-funded, school equipment/gear for internships. Students may not check out cameras, audio equipment, use edit bays or editing software or remove any gear from CMCI for internship use. This regulation is a CU Boulder policy.

Promoting Short-Term Projects or Freelance Jobs to Students

Short-term projects and freelance jobs can be posted on our system, which is especially helpful if you anticipate needing occasional assistance from CMCI students but do not have a regular position opening.

Use Handshake to post your position, but instead of choosing “Internship” or “Job,” choose “Alternative Experience.” If you have an urgent need for production crew members, writers or any media-related jobs on a short timeframe, please contact  Christine Mahoney who can immediately reach out to many of our current CMCI students via social media platforms.