Morgan Seamont
Program Director, Pride Office, Transgender Specialist


Trans man, queer identified.

Morgan has worked for the Pride Office (or variations thereof) since 2012, starting off as a graduate student assistant, becoming the assistant director in 2014, and the director in 2020. He attended Washington State University for undergrad where he majored in anthropology, and then came to CU Boulder for graduate school. He completed his masters studying the American Southwest and then moved into cultural anthropology completing his dissertation on trans men, titled: Becoming “the man I want to be:” Transgender masculinity, embodiment and sexuality.
Morgan has worked with many people and offices across campus to create a more inclusive campus climate which has resulted in CU Boulder continuously being ranked in the “Best of the Best” LGBTQ+ inclusive campuses. When he isn’t helping students with the ins and outs of adulting and working with campus to improve the inclusive nature of being a college student, he enjoys fishing (but not catching anything), playing with his cats Sir Elton John and Tochi, and eating chocolate cake.