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Black History Month

BeTheChange Initiative

February 6 - March 3, 2023

Open to everyone!

Donate to the Barney Ford Fellowship Fund

The University of Colorado Leeds MBA Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee invites you to participate in a racial equity habit-building initiative to celebrate Black History Month. With the support of the Center for Inclusion and Social Change, the BeTheChange Initiative includes continuous engagement with music, articles, podcasts, and films to learn about current and historical issues of racial inequity and ways to support, educate, and uplift our communities. This event also supports the Barney Ford Diversity Scholarship Fundraiser, a scholarship promoting diversity at Leeds School of Business. See all activities and events below.

About the Initiative

During the four week long BeTheChange Initiative, we will explore and discuss articles, podcasts, music, and movies on topics including black history, culture, people and how to be an ally.  We will have a Guest Speaker on Friday February 24th, who is not only the initial creator of this BeTheChange initiative, she is also a Leeds Graduate and Business Leader. Additionally, we will host an Arts and Craft day where we will offer the opportunity to create something powerful and meaningful that will be displayed at the Barney Ford Diversity Fundraiser on Friday March 10th.

How the Initiative Works

  • Participate for as many days as you can. We challenge you to be part of as much as you can.
  • Participate individually or in-person and get your friends, peers and colleagues involved too.
  • Consider supporting local Black owned businesses.
  • Consider sponsoring or donating to Barney Ford Fund for Diversity.


Support the Barney Ford Diversity Scholarship

Please support promoting diversity within the MBA programs at the Leeds School of Business through the Barney Ford Diversity Scholarship Fundraiser. The Barney Ford Diversity Scholarship Fundraiser and annual gala funds a scholarship for diverse Leeds MBA students. Barney L. Ford (1822-1902) was a former slave who became a leading Denver businessman. The Annual Barney Ford Fundraiser is one of the ways Leeds MBAs collectively maintain a tradition that serves to carry on his legacy.

About the Organizers

The University of Colorado Leeds MBA Justice, Equity, Diversity (J.E.D.I.) and Inclusion Committee is a student team of first year and second year MBA students that promotes inclusive excellence in the Leeds School of Business MBA Program. The committee members include Sophie Ruppert (VP), Sakib Hossain, Mary Boling, and Emma Ritson.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to the MBAA VP of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Sophie Ruppert via email:


MONDAY 2/6 Music Monday Powerful Black Anthems Listen and read about the societal change they evoked 1hr History

Poems/ Articles/ Podcast


Collection of Works Celebrating Black History Month A collection of content that explores African American history and culture  1hr+ History
FRIDAY 2/10 Reflection

Room: KOBL 233

zoom link

Time: 12:45 - 1:45pm (MT)

*no RSVP needed


Let’s reflect: What have we learned this week? What stood out to us?

*snacks provided


1hr History

Videos/ Documentaries

PBS Block Party Videos PBS Informational Programs Celebrating Black excellence 1hr+ History

MONDAY 2/13 Music Monday 10 Influential Songs Listen and learn about songs that capture Black history 1hr Culture
WEDNESDAY 2/15 Movie Movie List Watch and learn about a movie that celebrates Black History Month 2hr Culture
FRIDAY 2/17 Reflection

Room: KOBL 233

zoom link

Time: 12:45 - 1:45pm (MT)

*no RSVP needed


Join us to reflect on these powerful poems

What stood out to you? What did you learn? Why do you think the poet wrote this poem? What were they trying to convey? 

*snacks provided


1hr Culture
EXTRAS Events Events in the Boulder Community Events hosted in partnership with the Executive Committee for African American Cultural Events until March 4th Event Dependent Culture

MONDAY 2/20 Music Monday 39 Local Black Musicians Listen to music of local Denver artists 30min People
WEDNESDAY 2/22 Article 44 African Americans Who Shook Up the World Read about people who went against the norm and the impact they had 45min People
FRIDAY 2/24 Guest Speaker

Room: KOBL 320

zoom link

Time: 1-2pm (MT) 



Lunch & Learn with Thaala Loper

*lunch provided


1hr People
EXTRAS Videos TED Talks to celebrate Black History Month Watch TED talks that share insights and reflections about Black identity 1hr+ People

MONDAY 2/27 Music Monday

Black History is Now Spotify Playlists

Spotify has put together playlists of Black love & pride


Be an ally
WEDNESDAY 3/1 Podcast Code Switch Listen to an episode of this podcast to learn more about how race affects every part of our society. 30min Be an ally
FRIDAY 3/3 Arts and Crafts

Room: KOBL 235

Time: 12:30pm (MT) start



What's created during this time will be displayed at Barney Ford Fundraiser Event 3/10

*Materials & snacks provided


About 2hrs Be an ally
EXTRAS Newsletter Better Ally Newsletter Sign up for weekly newsletters to learn about how to be a better ally in the workplace 15min Be an ally