To submit a certificate completion form, you must meet the following two criteria:

1. You must be enrolled in the certificate

If you have not filled out an enrollment form, you can do so here. If you have not submitted your enrollment form, your certificate completion form cannot be processed.

2. You must have fufilled the certificate requirements

You can check your certificate progress on Degree Audit. See certificate requirements here.

Certificate Completion Form

Please fill out the Google Docs certificate completion form through the link below. Your CU Boulder email address and IdentiKey password are required to access the enrollment form. You do not need to create a CU-affiliated Google account as CU has created one for you.

Public Health Certificate Completion Form

Note: You must use to access the form where "username" is your CU Login Name. If you are signed in to a different Google account while attempting to access the enrollment form, you will need to sign out of your other account and then sign in with your CU email account.

Certificate Completion Process

  1. Once the Student submits the enrollment form, the Administrative Assistant will cross-reference the completion form with the enrollment form.
  2. The forms will be organized by the graduation year and semester that the Student provides.
  3. Forms will be processed when grades have been submitted for that semester.
  4. The Administrative Assistant will then check that each Student has met the requirements (if a Student has communicated and been approved for a course substitution or certificate exception, those will be reviewed at this stage)
  5. The Administrative Assistant will submit the completion form to the Office of the Registrar.
  6. The Student will be notified in 1-2 weeks by the Office of the Registrar of their completion status.
  7. A week after degrees post to transcripts, certificates will be posted.
  8. On the Monday after the certificates have posted, the Administrative Assistant will check transcripts to make sure the certificate has posted to the Student's transcript.