The following links provide information on Study Abroad and Global Seminar opportunities offered through CU Boulder. In addition, there is information on various summer programs that focus on public health.

Be Global. Study Abroad.

The Office of International Education at CU Boulder partners with a number of international institutions to offer exciting Education Abroad Opportunities for students broadly interested in health. Interested students are encouraged to contact the Education Abroad Office directly for more information.

Health-Themed Programs

Health-themed programs offer special opportunities such as placements at local health clinics, connections to local health organizations, and/or opportunities to study traditional medicine. Many of these programs are located in developing countries and focus on public health. This is a great chance to participate in a placement that may not be readily available to students in the United States. Options are available for a semester or summer.

Direct Enrollment

Take public-health related coursework through classes offered at a university abroad, and participate in special opportunities such as volunteer work, service-learning or internships if you choose. This is a good option if you need specific courses in the sciences that you cannot find on a health-themed program. Options are available for a semester or year.

Summer Internships

Summer internships are available to students interested in health professions. Internships range from 6-10 weeks and allow students to experience healthcare practices abroad in a career-oriented setting.

What they're saying

Don't take our word for it! Here is what other students have to say about their experience.

My Spanish class was more difficult than I had anticipated. We went over the basics in a day or so and then started learning healthcare terms and procedures. We had a patient simulation at the end where a bunch of host parents came in and we had to interview them. The elective class I took was Tropical Medicine. The professor, Dr. Ricardo, was one of the coolest, most interesting teachers I've ever had. We learned about the structure of the Costa Rican healthcare system and visited several clinics and hospitals and a tribe. We also discussed a bunch of diseases that affect tropical areas. -Andrea Gutierrez; ISA Costa Rica: San Jose Health Care Courses in English & Medical Spanish (summer); summer 2014

I followed a physical therapist in his clinic a few times during the program which was one of the most interesting and influential experiences during my time in Rosario. He was very willing to give up all his time to work with me and help me understand the medical aspect of each procedure. This was very important to me, as a pre-med student, to compare the health care in Argentina to that of the United States. -Sarah Morton; Global Seminar: Culture, History, & Literature (Rosario, Argentina); summer 2014

I study Integrative Physiology, and I was able to take an upper division IPHY core class while at UOW. It seems like a physiology program at UOW is pretty well developed, there were lots of options for IPHY classes and everything transferred! I also took my upper division writing class, and an indigenous studies class as an elective. -Flora Lawrence; Exchange: University of Wollongong in Wollongong, Australia; spring 2014

I have never learned so much in a semester and did less work. Challenged the way I thought constantly, every class was super engaging. The Spanish was great, and made me learn it super quick. It has made me rethink what type of doctor I want to be. My ISP [Independent Study Project] was huge, so proud of completing that project. -Spring 2014 participant; SIT Chile: Public Health, Traditional Medicine & Community Empowerment

Global Seminars

There is a growing list of CU Boulder faculty who are offering Global Seminars. These are typically for-credit courses offered over 3-4 weeks in the summer. There is a list of current global seminar offerings.

As with Study Abroad opportunities, students are encouraged to contact the Study Abroad Office directly for more information.

Summer Programs

Summer Programs have grown in popularity over the years among undergraduates. These short (3-6 week) programs provide focused and extensive training in public health that is otherwise, difficult to obtain during undergraduate studies.

Below is a short list of summer programs that are available annually:

Summer Public Health Scholars Program - Columbia University 

Future Public Health Leaders Program - University of Michigan 

Diversity Summer Internship Program for Undergraduates - Johns Hopkins 

Summer Research Programs in Public Health - Washington University in St. Louis 

Summer Programs in Public Health - Harvard School of Public Health 

Public Health Summer Institutes - Tulane University