Biophysics Seminars 2021/2022 Academic Year

Aug 25 - Jessica Anna (U Penn) "Ultrafast Dynamics of Natural Light Harvesting Complexes, Isolated Cofactors, and Model Systems" - Host: Student-invited seminar

Sep 1 - Stephen Harrison (Harvard) "Molecular Mechanisms of Virus Cell Entry" - Host: Vignesh Kasinath

Oct 13 - John Whitney (McMaster) "A bacterial toxin inhibits translation in competitor cells" - Host: Aaron Whiteley

Oct 27 - Rachel Green (Johns Hopkins) "Ribosome collisions activate cell fate signaling pathways" - Host: Alex Whiteley

Nov 3 - Mikhail Shapiro (Caltech) "Talking to cells: biomolecular engineering for noninvasive imaging and control of cellular function" - Host: Student-invited seminar

Nov 17 - Eizabeth Kellogg (Cornell) "Molecular Mechanisms of Programmable DNA-Transposition via CRISPR-Associated Transposons" - Host: Vignesh Kasinath

Feb 23 - Jean-Paul Armache (Penn State) "The Defining Role of Dynamics in Cryo-EM" - Host:  Halil Aydin

Mar 2 - Bil Clemons (Caltech) "A detailed look at tail-anchored membrane protein targeting - from opisthokonts to protists to plants" - Host: Student-invited seminar

Mar 16 - Adam Frost (UCSF) "Pattern Formation in Biological Membranes" - Host: Halil Aydin

Apr 6 - Heran Darwin (NYU) "TBA" - Host: Aaron Whiteley

Biophysics Supergroup 2021/2022 Academic Year

Fall Semester:  Monday 4:30 - 6:00 pm 

Sep 20  - Presenting - New Faculty Overview Presentations;  Introducers: To Be Announced

Oct 4 - Presenting -  Palmer and Nesbitt Labs; Introducers: Chris Brininger and Hector Sanchez-Moran

Oct 25 - Presenting -  Shirts and Taatjes Labs; Introducers: Alison Leonard and Tom Wieser

Nov 15 - Presenting -  Betterton and Wuttke Labs; Introducers: Montana Minnis and Meg Palacio

Dec 6 - Presenting - Luger and Randolph Labs​; Introducers: Richelle Streater and Calvin Voong

Spring Semester - Monday 4:30 - 6:00 pm

Jan 10 - Presenting -  Cameron and Perkins Labs; Introducers: Jack Gugel

Feb 7 - Presenting - Goodrich and Whitehead Labs; Introducers: Liz George and Dusty White

Mar 7 - Presenting -  Kaar and Falke Labs​; Introducers: Danielle Guillen and Mando Ramirez

Apr 4 - Presenting -  Batey and Schwartz Labs; Introducers: Eli Cipriano and Nicole Day

Apr 25 - Presenting -  Shields and Stowell Labs; Introducers: Ameya Prabhune and TBA