Biophysics Seminars 2023/2024 Academic Year

Sep 13 - Christina Woo (Harvard) "Reading and rewriting protein modifications in cells" - Host: Alex Whiteley

Sep 20 - Scott Hansen (Univ of Oregon) "Mechanisms controlling spatial patterning of membrane proximal signaling reactions" - Host: Joseph Falke

Sep 27 - Michael Summers (Univ of Maryland, BC) "How HIV-1 selectively packages its RNA genome" - Host: Student-invited seminar

Oct 25 - Arup Chakraborty (MIT) "The Antibody Response to Repeated Vaccination" - Host: Student-invited seminar

Nov 8 - Tanja Mittag (St Jude Children's Hospital) "Understanding the driving force for phase separation of PLCDs, the material properties of condensates and their aging processes" - Host: Dylan Taatjes

Nov 15 - Troy Walton (Beyond Meat) "Beyond Biophysics: Working in plant based food technology" - Host: Student-invited career seminar

Dec 13 - Rebecca Voorhees (Caltech) "How to make a membrane protein" - Host: Alex Whiteley

Mar 13 - Yifan Cheng (UC-San Francisco) "Title TBD" - Host: Halil Aydin

Apr 10 - Geeta Narlikar (UC-San Francisco) "Title TBD" - Host: Vignesh Kasinath

Apr 24 - Whitney Stevens-Sostre (Univ of Wisconsin) "Title TBD" - Host: Student-invited seminar

May 1 - Tom Rapoport (Harvard) "Title TBD" - Host: Halil Aydin

Biophysics Supergroup 2023/2024 Academic Year

Fall Semester:  Monday 4:00 - 5:30 pm 

Sep 11 - Presenting - New Biophysics Faculty Overview Presentations

Oct 2 - Presenting - Batey and Leinwand Labs; Introducers: Jon Faris and Clair Huffine

Oct 23 - Presenting - Sprenger and Luger Labs; Introducers: Naiara Garcia and Holly Coleman

Nov 13 - Presenting - Hough and Whitehead Labs; Introducers: Ashley Sullivan and Anthony Dominic III

Dec 11 - Presenting - Cech and Taatjes Labs​; Introducers: Daniel Ocampo and Alexandria Fiorenza

Spring Semester:  Monday 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Jan 29 - Presenting - Shirts and Wuttke Labs; Introducers: Lottie Steward and Aitana Ignes-Romeu

Feb 19 - Presenting - Palmer and Randolph Labs; Introducers: Faith Olulana and Ella Tommer

Mar 11 - Presenting - Cameron and Perkins Labs​; Introducers: Sylas Anderson and Angie Liu

Apr 1 - Presenting - Shields and Aaron Whiteley Labs; Introducers: David Kelaita and Patrick Holland

Apr 22 - Presenting - Kaar and Falke Labs; Introducers: Samson Adelani and Olivia Irvin