Biophysics Seminars 2022/2023 Academic Year

Sep 21 - Darrel Irvine (MIT) "Regulation of the immune response by spatially compartmentalized proteolysis in lymphoid organs" - Host: Student-invited seminar

Oct 26 - Gustavo Silva (Duke) "Ribosome ubiquitination and translation control during oxidative stress" - Host: Alex Whiteley

Nov 2 - Polly Fordyce (Stanford) "Microfluidics for quantitative, high-throughput biophysics and biochemistry" - Host: Student-invited seminar

Nov 30 - Cynthia Wolberger (Johns Hopkins) "Histone H2B ubiquitination in transcription regulation" - Host: Vignesh Kasinath

Dec 7 - Markita Landry (UC Berkeley) "Nanomaterials Enable Delivery of Genetic Material Without Transgene Integration in Mature Plants" - Host: Student-invited seminar

Feb 22 - Amy Andreotti (Iowa State) "Exploring the Regulatory Apparatus of Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase - A Drug Target for B-Cell Cancers" - Host: Natalie Ahn

Apr 12 - Lin Tian (UC Davis) "TBA" - Host: Amy Palmer

Apr 19 - Michelle Wang (Cornell) "TBA" - Host: Student-invited seminar

Apr 26 - Anna Huttenlocher (UW-Madison) "Navigating Complex 3D Spaces During Tissue Homeostasis and Repair" - Host: Joseph Falke

Biophysics Supergroup 2022/2023 Academic Year

Fall Semester:  Monday 4:00 - 5:30 pm 

Sep 19 - Presenting - Betterton and Sousa Labs;  Introducers: Liz George and Holly Coleman

Oct 3 - Presenting - Fox and Aydin Labs; Introducers: Nicole Day and Mando Ramirez

Oct 24 - Presenting - Palmer and Aaron Whiteley Labs; Introducers: Mando Ramirez and Naiara Garcia

Nov 14 - Presenting - Figueroa and Taatjes Labs; Introducers: Danielle Guillen and Clair Huffine

Dec 5 - Presenting - Shirts and Wuttke Labs​; Introducers: Ameya Prabhune and Daniel Ocampo

Spring Semester:  Monday 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Jan 23 - Presenting - Luger and Randolph Labs; Introducers: Shea Siwik and Faith Olulana

Feb 13 - Presenting - Cameron and Perkins Labs; Introducers: Lottie Steward-Blanke and Ashley Sullivan

Mar 6 - Presenting -  Kasinath and Whitehead Labs​; Introducers: Danielle Guillen and Nicole Day

Apr 3 - Presenting - Kaar and Niswander Labs; Introducers: Shea Siwik and Ameya Prabhune

Apr 24 - Presenting - Batey and Leinwand Labs; Introducers: Jon Faris and Liz George