Bruce Finn uses a 1:6 scale set and miniatures to demonstrate lighting techniques to remote students

Arts Faculty Explore Creative Approaches to Remote Teaching

Oct. 5, 2020

“Creative, connecting, illuminating, inspiring.” This is how one instructor described the seminar on remote learning in the fine and performing arts, held in summer 2020 by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the Office of Information Technology’s Learning Experience Designers (LXDs). The seminar addressed specific challenges faced by...

Teaching instructing students remotely

Lecture Capture Offers Far More Benefits than You Might Think

Aug. 21, 2020

Students Are More Engaged, Confident At first, Professor Janet Casagrand , Senior Instructor in the Department of Integrative Physiology, thought her recorded lectures would be helpful for students who needed to miss class. She had been meeting with them after the fact to share what they had missed and had...

Tech copilots logo

Tech Copilots Support New Remote-Capable Classrooms

Aug. 21, 2020

With the start of the fall 2020 semester, OIT will assist instructors who teach in remote-capable classrooms equipped with the Crestron Mercury X video conference system . The Technology Copilots will provide assistance to instructors in remote-capable classrooms as they use the Crestron Mercury X systems, Zoom, and iClicker; and...

Instructor teaching from home with a laptop

Strategic Course Design Workshops for Fall 2020

Aug. 19, 2020

ASSETT’s Course Design Workshops provide a comprehensive and accessible introduction to developing a range of technology-enhanced learning experiences. In response to high demand driven by COVID-19 mitigation, we are offering three fully asynchronous workshops during the fall 2020 semester. We will emphasize transitioning from face-to-face teaching to remote delivery, providing...

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Register for ASSETT Summer Course Design Workshops

April 13, 2020

Strategic Course Design for Flexible Teaching Modes ASSETT’s Summer Course Design Workshops provide a comprehensive and accessible introduction to developing a range of technology-enhanced learning experiences. In response to COVID-19 mitigation, this summer’s training (2020) will be offered in a hybrid format that combines virtual meetings with hands-on application. We...

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Freshmen: Report Your Experiences with COVID-19

April 10, 2020

Freshmen are invited to report on their experiences as first-year students at CU during the COVID-19 pandemic, for a research study conducted by the Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Laboratory at CU Boulder. The lab's director, June Gruber, is a member of the ASSETT Innovation Incubator's Metacognition and Well-Being project team...

Teacher working on a laptop in front of a chalkboard with written equations

Quick Guide to OIT Resources for Remote Teaching

March 23, 2020

CU Boulder faculty, including graduate students with instructional duties, are encouraged to take advantage of the support offered by the Office of Information Technology, which includes ASSETT . OIT’s Academic Technology Resources for Teaching Continuity web page describes methods and tools that can allow you to continue your class activities...

Female student biting a pencil in frustration while using her laptop

Staying on Track in Virtual Classes: Tips for Remote Learning

March 23, 2020

With the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, schools and universities across the country have unexpectedly embarked on the largest online learning experiment ever. This is probably not how any of us envisioned our semester going, and the transition has maybe been easy for some, but we’re guessing it’s been rocky for most...

Cartoon of an employee in water being thrown a life preserver

ASSETT Offers New Trainings on Remote Instruction

March 17, 2020

In collaboration with OIT's Learning Technology Consultants, ASSETT is offering online workshops to support faculty in transitioning to remote teaching. These workshops are open to any CU Boulder faculty members, including graduate students with instructional responsibilities. Pre-registration is highly recommended. The first training, Planning for Remote Instruction: 8 Easy Steps...

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Preparing for Remote Instruction in Eight Simple Steps

March 13, 2020

View as a Google Doc STEP 1: Communicate expectations for course communication. During times of uncertainty, clear and timely communication is essential. Reach out to students as soon as possible with information about how your course will proceed in a remote format. Quality Matters recommends addressing the following, at a...