Beth Osnes

Letter from the Advisor - Summer 2020

May 1, 2020

Communicating Serious Content in Fun Online Forms One of my great pleasures that is part of my research and creative work is working with a group of Boulder middle and high school girls known as Young Women’s Voices for Climate. We meet weekly and use arts-based methods for climate action...

Supporting Google Maps to Chronicle Creative Communications about Climate

July 7, 2017

Does green suit your city? Beth Osnes and Tara Riedl hopes it does! In Spring 2017, Student Fellow Tara Riedl worked with Dr. Beth Osnes (Assistant Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, Theatre and Dance) to support a participatory project for her course, called “Green Suits Your City.” Students dress...

Students with laptops at a conference table

UROP Sponsors New Opportunity for Academic Departments

Jan. 10, 2017

By Joan Gabriele and Tim O’Neil What is research like in the arts and humanities? That’s a question students in several CU programs and departments will soon be able to answer thanks to new initiatives in Jewish Studies, Theatre and Dance, and English, which are supported by the Undergraduate Research...

BFA Theatre and Dance Applicants Submit Materials through DocuSign

May 29, 2015

Theatre and Dance Associate Professor Chip Persons implemented DocuSign to support Bachelor of Fine Arts students' development of professional portfolios. Teaching and Learning Challenge Pedagogical Problem or Opportunity I teach in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Performance in the Department of Theatre & Dance. This is a conservatory­-style...

Development Awards: Dancing on the Digital Stage

Feb. 20, 2012

When you hear someone say they are dancer, immediately an image of a person performing on a stage in front of an audience appears in your head. Generally, our view of dance as an art form tends to exist within a narrow scope that is bounded within the diameters of...