Groupboard Virtual Whiteboard Connects Long Distance Students in Spanbauer's Class

May 29, 2015

Scott Spanbauer in the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Department implemented Groupboard Virtual Whiteboard to connect with long distance students. Teaching and Learning Challenge My language teaching techniques are based are the communicative process--­­how human beings negotiate interpersonal communication through speaking, listening, reading and writing, and through this negotiation process,... Read more »

Kan Archives Language Sound Bites with ASSETT Development Award

Aug. 14, 2014

Research team from left: Wes Song, Dr. Pui Fong Kan, Allina Robertson, Shirley Cheung, and Fan Yin Cheng Last year, CU Boulder Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Center Assistant Professor Pui Fong Kan received an ASSETT Development Award to create web based resources for pathologists who treat patients who are... Read more »

Faculty Learn from Teaching with Technology Seminar

May 20, 2014

Faculty members Giorgio Corda, Dave Rickels, Holly Gayley, Janet Casagrand, Elena Kostoglodova, and Jen Lewon participated in both the Teaching with Technology Faculty Seminar and the Hybrid and Online Course Design Seminars this past 2013-2014 academic year. These faculty presented at the Second Annual ASSETT Teaching with Technology Symposium at... Read more »

Teletherapy: Medicine is Going Global

Sept. 17, 2009

Professor Gail Ramsberger, chair of the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) department, realizes that technology is changing the way speech, language and hearing therapy works. Something as simple as video conferencing, because of its affordability and relatively low cost, is creating a treatment option that never existed before: teletherapy... Read more »