Kinney Shows Simulations to Support Understanding of Sound

May 4, 2015

Last fall, students nominated Physics Professor Ed Kinney for an ASSETT Award of Excellence for Outstanding Teacher for Technology in Teaching in Physics 1240 Sound and Music. Students wrote that the PhET simulations and YouTube videos that Kinney showed in class supported their learning of complex Physics concepts. In their... Read more »

The Language of Physics

May 13, 2013

Photo by Micah Sittig “The central finding of physics education research over the past twenty years is something that kindergarten teachers have known forever,” says Dr. Mike Dubson as rain taps against the windows of his office on the tenth floor of the Gamow Physics Tower. “It’s that students don’t... Read more »

PhET: Teaching Science with Computer Simulations by Ashley Williams

Nov. 27, 2012

What would you learn if you could turn off the atmosphere? What problems might you solve if you could increase the force of gravity or had the ability to manipulate individual electrons in a circuit? Demonstrations and experiments have long been an important tool in science education, yet real-world limitations... Read more »

Learning About Teaching Physics: A Podcast Series by Dr. Stephanie Chasteen

June 15, 2012

A planet traverses the face of the sun. Particles collide. The energies that make up the natural world are contemplated and measured. Physics can be a captivating subject, yet introductory course instructors often struggle with finding ways to help their students comprehend sophisticated concepts. University professors face an additional challenge... Read more »