Students Nominate Linguistics' Steve Duman for Excellence in Teaching Award

April 13, 2015

CU Boulder students nominated Linguistics PhD student Steve Duman for an ASSETT Award of Excellence as an Outstanding Teacher in the Use of Technology. In their nominations, students wrote that they enjoyed Duman's PowerPoint presentations in his class, Perspectives on Language, Linguistics 4100. In Linguistics 4100, Duman presents a critical... Read more »

Those Who Go Unnoticed

April 15, 2013

A student in the back of the lecture hall leans forward in her seat. A shy freshman raises his hand for the first time. Heads nod. Eyes brighten. The pace of note taking quickens. As a teacher, these small indications that students are engaged can be exhilarating, and no one... Read more »

Development Awards: The Arapaho Project: A New Hope for an Endangered Language

Dec. 6, 2011

Like some animal species, small languages must also thwart off the threat of extinction. In particular, the Arapaho language is at risk. Luckily, though, it’s receiving some help. Andrew Cowell, a professor in the Department of Linguistics, is here to ensure this language’s survival in the 21 st century. Reflecting... Read more »