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Martin's Online Communities Promote Better In-Class Discussions in International Affairs Courses

May 24, 2016

Contributed by albyantoniazzi at Flickr Creative Commons. Dr. Jessica Martin wants to hear what her students think. Martin, CU Boulder Instructor of International Affairs, creates class Tumblr and Facebook pages for her students to build community and discuss current events relating to their courses--whether post-Cold War politics, the September 11...

Video Conferencing Connects Students from CU, Ireland and Australia

April 12, 2010

Students from Ireland and Australia can now interact in a classroom with students from CU Boulder . What is so intriguing about this you ask? It is the fact that these students are living in different spheres of the world while still interacting “face to face” with one another in...

Suite of Tools Transforms Intercultural Communication Class

April 8, 2010

How likely are you to hear “Alright students, take out your cell phones, we are going to mClk now!”? Chances are unlikely in most college classrooms. But, in Dr. Melinda Cain’s IAFS 4500 Intercultural Communication class, this is a common request. In her classes, Dr. Cain hopes to provide foundations...