My Quest for a Website

June 25, 2012

by Terry Kleeman Asian Languages and Civilizations This is a not-too-convoluted tale of my search for a website. This website would serve to represent my academic work to the world, but more importantly, function as home to the Daoist Text Initiative, basically the continuance of an NEH Summer Seminar for...

Learning About Teaching Physics: A Podcast Series by Dr. Stephanie Chasteen

June 15, 2012

A planet traverses the face of the sun. Particles collide. The energies that make up the natural world are contemplated and measured. Physics can be a captivating subject, yet introductory course instructors often struggle with finding ways to help their students comprehend sophisticated concepts. University professors face an additional challenge...

Teaching With Technology: Matt Koschmann on Animation

May 17, 2012

Assistant Professor Matt Koschmann in the department of Communication has recently added a new tool to his teaching repertoire: animation. On April 13 th , 2012, Koschmann presented to the Teaching with Technology participants the benefits of utilizing animation in the classroom. Before delving into his presentation, however, Koschmann highlighted...

Ed Rivers Implements Podcasts for Teaching with Tech Seminar Project

May 6, 2012

Ed Rivers English Professor Ed Rivers implemented podcasts as his Teaching with Technology Seminar Final Project. Watch his podcast here. Plans for Implementation My final project for the Teaching With Technology seminar is a fifteen-minute screencast on podcasting and its educational potential. It starts by situating podcasting within the general...

Teaching With Technology: Eliana Colunga

April 10, 2012

Assistant Professor of Psychology Eliana Colunga talked about the ways she integrated various discussion platforms into her courses to encourage student participation during her Teaching with Technology presentation. Through her discussion, Dr. Colunga highlighted the importance of student discussion as it provides the foundation for understanding the course material. The...

Actively Learning through Elements of GIS

April 6, 2012

Professor Ken Foote of the Geography department at the University of Colorado at Boulder knows the value of increased technology capability in his classroom. For years Dr. Foote’s class, Elements of GIS (Geographic Information Systems), has been at the forefront of utilizing technology to its fullest capability – continuously changing...

Teaching With Technology: Sarah Hug

March 23, 2012

Can technology be effectively used as a teaching tool without knowing the benefits of its use in the learning process? On Friday, February 23, 2012 Dr. Sarah Hug joined the Teaching with Technology seminar to answer just that question. As a research associate at ATLAS and a learning scientist specializing...

Teaching With Technology: John Bennett

March 7, 2012

With the advancement of massive multiplayer online games and simulation technology, entire classrooms and even campuses can now be found in a digitized state, existing within the online realm of gaming. But actually teaching in a virtual world? Such ideas seem fit only for the pages of science fiction and...

Professor Andrew Martin's evolutionary biology course featured in national Higher Ed magazine

March 1, 2012

A Chronicle of Education article on 'flipping' college lecture courses highlights Professor Martin's evolutionary biology course.

Teaching with Technology: Michael Klymkowsky

Feb. 24, 2012

Mike Klymkowsky is a professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at CU and Co-Director of CU Boulder’s Science Teacher Preparation and Certification Program (CU Teach). During his Teaching with Technology presentation, he discussed the current problems facing education and the new tools available to overcome at least some of...