Dilling's Use of NB and Padlet to Increase Engagement in Environmental Studies Class

Jan. 20, 2016

Lisa Dilling is an Associate Professor in the Environmental Studies Program. She plans to use NB along with Padlet in order to improve engagement and active learning opportunities in a medium sized enrollment class. Dilling completed the Fall 2015 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar. Teaching and Learning Challenge The problem... Read more »

ASSETT Awards Moonhawk Kim 2015 Teaching with Technology Award

May 6, 2015

At the Third Annual ASSETT Teaching with Technology Symposium in April, ASSETT staff awarded the 2015 Teaching with Technology Award. ASSETT recognizes Kim as an exceptional educator with a demonstrated commitment to improving the undergraduate student experience. ASSETT Teaching with Technology Consultant Jacie Moriyama spoke about how he has effectively... Read more »

3rd Annual ASSETT Teaching with Technology Symposium

May 6, 2015

Jim Groom Presents at the 2015 ASSETT Teaching with Tech Symposium "Digital Agency in the 21st Century," was the theme at the Third Annual ASSETT Teaching with Technology Symposium in April. The Director of the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies and Adjunct Professor at the University of Mary Washington,... Read more »

Alina Van Nelson's French Students Upload Presentations to VoiceThread

March 17, 2015

French Instructor Alina Van Nelson completed the Fall 2014 ASSETT Teaching with Technology seminar. Van Nelson implemented a new assessment approach to give students more opportunities to show what they learned. She created a Google Site for her class to upload written work . She also asked her students to... Read more »

Dr. George Rivera's Students' Art Crossed Borders with ASSETT Development Award Funding

June 19, 2014

Does art belong in a combat zone? Dr. George Rivera of the CU Boulder Art Department believes it does. With only a portable printer, Rivera collaborated with university students in Boulder and in Bethlehem, Palestine to create an international art exhibit. He received an ASSETT Development Award last year to... Read more »

Miriam Kingsberg Incorporates Shared Class Notes into Lecture Course

June 10, 2014

Watch Dr. Miriam Kingsberg's video podcast about how she incorporated shared notes into her lecture course, as inspired through her experience in the 2014 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar. Teaching and Learning Challenge This semester (Spring 2014), I taught a large (approximately 90 students) introductory survey of Japanese history (HIST... Read more »

Technology Facilitates In Class Group Work and Student Understanding in Deserai Crow's Environmental Studies Lectures

June 9, 2014

Watch this video of Dr. Deserai Crow reflecting on pedagogy and her use of Google Drive for in-class group work in large Environmental Studies lectures. Teaching and Learning Challenge Beginning in fall semester 2013, I began to teach much larger lectures than I had previously taught. This was in part... Read more »

Bret Fund Uses Gogy to Spark Interactive Discussion in Entrepreneurial Course

June 6, 2014

Bret Fund used Gogy online slides to invite his students to participate more in an entrepreneurial business course. Teaching and Learning Challenge Educators often struggle with two problems in classes that require some type of lecture component. First, educators often underutilize the collective knowledge and experience of the audience due... Read more »

Dan Zhang, PhD, Implements Google Drive into Supervised Case Report Writing

April 25, 2014

University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business professor Dr. Dan Zhang implemented Google Drive to give his students feedback on papers within ample time to reach the deadline. This way, he can see when and whether students incorporated his feedback into their their papers. Teaching and Learning Challenge I... Read more »

Web Workshop a Success!

March 24, 2014

ASSETT's Brenda Niave, Steph Hayden, Ryan Carney-Morgan, and Amanda McAndrew (from left) On Tuesday morning, March 11, more than 70 faculty and staff from all three CU campuses gathered in Norlin Library for a successful half day Web Workshop. ASSETT, The Office of Information Technology and University Communications combined forces... Read more »