Dilling's Use of NB and Padlet to Increase Engagement in Environmental Studies Class

Jan. 20, 2016

Lisa Dilling is an Associate Professor in the Environmental Studies Program. She plans to use NB along with Padlet in order to improve engagement and active learning opportunities in a medium sized enrollment class. Dilling completed the Fall 2015 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar. Teaching and Learning Challenge The problem... Read more »

Sparking Conversation with Padlet in Brown's Political Science Class

Jan. 12, 2016

David Brown, PhD, is the Department Chair in the Department for Political Science and a research associate at the Institute for Behavioral Science at CU Boulder. Gale completed the Fall 2015 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar. He implemented the use of Padlet in his Political Science class in order to... Read more »

Gale's RAP Students Shared Visual Literacy Images Via Social Media

June 24, 2015

Kendra Gale, PhD, is an instructor in the Communication and Society Residential Academic Program at CU Boulder. Gale completed the Fall 2014 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar. She introduced a social media page into her class as a mechanism for sharing and discussing interesting images in the media. Teaching and... Read more »

Groupboard Virtual Whiteboard Connects Long Distance Students in Spanbauer's Class

May 29, 2015

Scott Spanbauer in the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Department implemented Groupboard Virtual Whiteboard to connect with long distance students. Teaching and Learning Challenge My language teaching techniques are based are the communicative process--­­how human beings negotiate interpersonal communication through speaking, listening, reading and writing, and through this negotiation process,... Read more »

Upping Conversational Interactions Through Twitter In Simonson's Communication Course

May 6, 2015

The Department of Communication and Media Studies's Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies Peter Simonson attended ASSETT's Teaching with Technology Seminar this past spring. Simonson designed an eight week conversation module across an online “civic commons” through D2L and a Wordpress site. He encouraged student engagement with Twitter conversations about the... Read more »

Gladstone's Digital Commons in Wordpress Supports Students' Engagement with Texts

May 6, 2015

CU Boulder Department of English Instructor Jason Gladstone enrolled in ASSETT's Spring 2015 Teaching with Technology Seminar to learn how to better support his students' engagement with texts in their Contemporary Environmental Literature and Media course. Gladstone created a Digital Commons space in Wordpress for his students to explicate various... Read more »

3rd Annual ASSETT Teaching with Technology Symposium

May 6, 2015

Jim Groom Presents at the 2015 ASSETT Teaching with Tech Symposium "Digital Agency in the 21st Century," was the theme at the Third Annual ASSETT Teaching with Technology Symposium in April. The Director of the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies and Adjunct Professor at the University of Mary Washington,... Read more »

Low Stakes Assessments Encourage Heisler's Human Anatomy Students

May 6, 2015

Low stakes assessments encourage students in Integrative Physiology Senior Instructor Ruth Heisler’s Human Anatomy class. Heisler created the assessments through support from the ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar. Watch her explain her tactic in her video below. Teaching and Learning Challenge Human Anatomy is historically viewed as a memorization course... Read more »

Students Create Public Service Announcements in Kunce's Writing Class

April 2, 2015

Catherine Kunce’s first year writing students create their own Public Service Announcement videos. Kunce, a CU Boulder Program for Writing and Rhetoric Senior Instructor, planned this feature of her course with the support of the Fall 2014 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar. Watch Kunce discuss her project here: Teaching and... Read more »

CU's Laura Osterman Implements Just in Time Teaching

April 2, 2015

CU's German and Slavic Languages Associate Professor Laura Osterman implements Just in Time Teaching techniques in her teaching with the support of the Fall 2014 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar. Teaching and Learning Challenge Introduction Through observation of myself, students, and fellow students /scholars in my field (Russian Studies –... Read more »