Published: Feb. 3, 2023 By
Graphic representation of ASSETT’s Visualizing Instructional Practice Consultation Process. A teal circle is overlaid with five text boxes in CU gold with black font. Clockwise from top, the text boxes read: “Classroom observations”, “Data visualizations”, “Follow-up consultation”, “Reflection”, and “Changes in practice”.

Next week (February 13-17) is International Love Data Week (#LoveData23), which is about “inspiring our community to use data to bring about changes that matter.” This is a great time to think about how you can use data to better understand and assess your teaching practices and/or the classroom learning environment, and potentially make changes based on what you learn. In this context, data can take many forms, e.g., classroom observations, student feedback, student work, performance data, etc. ASSETT’s Visualizing Instructional Practices (VIP) Service provides you with formative, evidence-based classroom observation data, insight into patterns of classroom activities, and an opportunity to reflect on your teaching practices. 

Using validated observation protocols, trained observers visit your class (1-4 observations) and record teaching and learning activities in 2-minute intervals. Visual representations of the data are then shared with you and VIP lead Sarah Andrews will consult with you to help you interpret patterns in the data and strategize on changes that you might want to implement following reflection on what you learn from the data. 

The focus is on YOUR questions and goals around teaching, so how you engage with the service is up to you! This service has been used by past participants to:

  • Understand patterns of student engagement
  • Gain insight into classroom activities and behaviors
  • Assess your personal teaching goals
  • Document changes as you try out new technology or teaching methods
  • And more!

While we’ll never share your data or feedback with others and the purpose of this service is formative, if you take the time to write up a short reflection on what you’ve learned from the data and what you might change, this can also be a great way to flesh out your teaching portfolio (e.g., for job applications and/or reappointment, promotion, and tenure dossiers). 

Learn more about how the VIP service can be used to fit your interests in our upcoming virtual workshop Get the big picture: Visualizing your instructional practices (Tuesday, February 21, 11am-12pm) or email Sarah Andrews at to schedule a consultation or ask questions!