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We are excited to announce travel funding to attend the Reacting Consortium Annual Institute June 7-11, 2023, at Barnard College in New York City

This is THE annual conference for faculty interested in Reacting to the Past pedagogy (RTTP). Last year, CU Boulder hosted a smaller version of the Annual Institute, but this year it will be back in its traditional home: Barnard College. Participants will have the opportunity to play two of nine games offered at the conference, and to attend numerous breakout sessions about RTTP pedagogy, with sessions designed for newcomers and others for veterans. This is the largest gathering of Reacting faculty anywhere, and it is an excellent opportunity for networking and learning from experienced Reactors.

Four lucky faculty will receive $1200 in funding to support travel to the Annual Institute. This can be used to cover conference travel expenses such as:

Registration - $550 (includes 4 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 receptions, as well as coffee and snacks throughout the conference)

Housing - $300 (3 nights with a single in the dorms at Barnard at $100 a night; doubles are cheaper at $65 a night)

Additional Travel/Food - $350

We expect that the true cost of attending the conference for most people may exceed $1200, but a lot depends on how much you spend on meals beyond the conference, whether you are willing to book a double occupancy room, how much you spend on airfare, whether you have a place you can stay in New York City for free, etc. In any case, $1200 should cover most of the expense.

We will prioritize funding faculty who have demonstrated a commitment to adopting RTTP, and after that we will prioritize funding those who have been unable to attend another RTTP conference and/or who have no other sources of funding to help cover travel costs.

If you are interested in applying, please submit an application by filling out this Google Form. Applications will be reviewed beginning on February 6, but we will welcome applications submitted after that date until the funding is fully allocated. Successful applicants are encouraged to register for the conference as soon as possible in February so that they can benefit from the early bird registration rates and have their pick of which games to play at the conference.

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