Published: Aug. 30, 2022
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ASSETT or Arts & Sciences Support of Education Through Technology is dedicated to helping the Arts & Sciences teaching community integrate technology with pedagogy to promote impactful learning. ASSETT’s professional staff has extensive pedagogical knowledge and facilities in supporting academic technologies.

Our services are free and designed to support your needs in areas of teaching, student learning, and assessment. Get started by scheduling a one-on-one or small-group consultation,  attend workshops, request an on-demand training, and participate in our communities of practice! Connect with us via email or visit us at the Center for Teaching and Learning CASE E390. 

Student Support Services

The Student Technology Consultants (STC) are tech savvy individuals trained to help faculty and their students integrate and support innovative technologies into the classroom! Learn about projects, such as podcasting and metacognition, the STCs have supported through their  Strategies for Success resource page!

Teaching a large enrollment course? The CU Study Buddies program places students enrolled in high-impact courses in the College of Arts and Sciences into small study groups outside of the classroom. Study Buddies helps students meet peers, increase a sense of belonging, and excel academically.

Encourage your students to claim an online space of their own with BuffsCreate. This no cost web hosting platform allows students to “own” a sub-domain with server space and design a web page to share their portfolio, group projects, academic, research, professional, and/or creative works. 

Teaching Services

Looking for support with teaching? We can help you with your teaching questions, designing a course with online components, and creating a more inclusive learning environment through Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Universal Design for Learning is a framework for curriculum design that minimizes barriers to learning and helps to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Assessment Services

Whether you’re teaching a large course, looking to provide better feedback to students, or incorporating authentic assessments, we can help you explore assessment strategies that best meet your teaching and learning needs. The Visualizing Instructional Practices (VIP) service, aims to provide you with data that will allow you to reflect on your teaching by painting an objective picture of what’s happening in your classes.