Published: Nov. 15, 2019 By

Our new column presents data collected from our most important source: YOU! In each newsletter, we'll share insights collected from our A&S faculty partners about the effectiveness and impact of ASSETT programs and services. This edition reveals what faculty really think about ASSETT -- the results may surprise you! Read on to learn more!

Since summer 2018, ASSETT has conducted an annual survey of engaged A&S faculty to helps us improve the delivery and quality of our programs and services. ("Engaged faculty" include any participants in our offerings and services during the previous three academic years.) In 2019, 44 faculty representing departments from across the College of Arts & Sciences responded to the survey from a pool of 149 invitees. We asked respondents to list three adjectives or phrases that describe ASSETT. A word cloud of their reponses is presented below.*

Word cloud of adjectives that describe ASSETT. Most frequent responses include technology, helpful, innovative, creative, support, and knowledgeable.

*Word sizes are scaled to reflect the frequency of responses. Colors are for presentation purposes only and do not convey meaning.

We were delighted at the overwhelmingly positive assessment of our work and the strong alignment with our mission: ASSETT integrates technology with pedagogy to promote impactful learning.

Many thanks to all of you who took the time to share your opinions and ideas. We look forward to sharing more results in upcoming newsletters, and we hope you'll participate in our next survey in May 2020! 

For more information about the Engaged Faculty Survey, contact Joy Adams, ASSETT's outreach and communications coordinator.