Published: Aug. 20, 2019 By

Our Innovation Incubator project is entering a new phase. Last year we began with 47 proposals from 44 individuals across Arts and Sciences, and we ended the year with four groups focused on metacognition and mindfulness, collective multimodal publishing, integrating data science across the curriculum, and providing meaningful experiences for students. These groups met throughout the spring to form project plans and draft budget requests. A committee of faculty members, administration, and staff reviewed them and awarded funds from the ASSETT Innovation Incubator Initiative to support the projects over the next three years. 

As part of its review, the committee saw a chance to leverage a common resource across all four groups, and they earmarked funding to hire an individual to help all of the groups. We’re calling this position the Innovation Catalyst. 

The person hired into this position will collaborate with the ASSETT staff to communicate within and across the teams, assist the teams in moving toward their goals, and research opportunities to sustain the work of the projects beyond the end of the funding cycle. This person will conduct applied research to help the teams and assist them in assessing progress toward their goals.

As we head into the fall semester, the ASSETT team will be working to initiate their work on the  projects, and the four groups will have a formal kick-off meeting in October. 

For more information, visit the Innovation Incubator page on the ASSETT website. If you have specific questions, please feel free to reach out to Mark Werner or David Brown.