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Andy MartinThe ASSETT advisor position is designed to rotate among faculty members across the College of Arts and Sciences. The purpose is clear: ASSETT should be advised by different people as a means towards being more inclusive, more connected, and more responsive to the diversity of interests and pedagogical approaches encompassed by the incredible faculty, staff and students in the College.

It has been a pleasure to serve as a faculty advisor to ASSETT and I am especially thankful to all who participated in the Faculty Fellows program because I learned so much from you and gained an appreciation for the scope of the educational mission at CU. The Fellows include, in no particular order, Mona Attwa from Asian Languages and Carrie Vodenhnal of Environmental Studies with whom I hope to continue working on the gamification of curricula; Nabilah Carlon (CHEM), Becky Flowers and David Budd (GEOL), Michael Klymkowsky and Pamela Harvey (MCDB), Lee Robertson and Joseph Timmer (MATH), Rachael Simonetta (ENGL), Eliza Smith, Alina Ven Nelson and Suzanne Saurini (French and Italian), Gesel Mason and Donna Mejia (Dance), Cheryl Pinzone and Sam Flaxman (EBIO), Charles Hoeffer, Heidi Bustamante, and Jia She (IPHY), Rachael Baiduc and Jen Lewon (SLHS), Doug Duncan (APS), Rolf Norgaard, Lev Szentkiralyi, Christine McDonald, Lonnie Pierce (Writing and Rhetoric), Seth Wright (Sociology), Sarah Sokhey (Poitical Science), Avedan Raggio (Germanic and Slavic Languages), Lisa Dilling, Janet Donovan and Eve Hinckley (ENVS), McKell Carston (PSYC), Kira Hall (LING), Nicole Jobin (Sewall RAP), Kris Karnauskas (ATOC), David Paradis (HIST), and Brian Zaharatos (APPM). All of these people are developing education experts embedded in departments who should be consulted as often as possible when you or your unit plans to engage in activities designed to improve teaching and learning on campus. All of the fellows have much to offer. We work better when we work together. 

Finally, I want to thank Amanda McAndrew who has been a fantastic and dedicated colleague and from whom I have learned how to be a better person and a better educator. 

Thank you all for the opportunity to participate in developing community focused on education at CU. 

I am always availabe to anyone who wants to think about, talk about, strategize about, or just whatever about education.