Published: April 24, 2017

Giorgio Corda Award ceremonyEach year ASSETT recognizes a faculty member with exceptional teaching qualities with an Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award. This year’s award winner, Giorgio Corda, was nominated by his peers for excelling in classroom instruction with technology.  

ASSETT recognized Giorgio, an Instructor in French and Italian, as this year’s winner at our recent Teaching with Technology Symposium. Giorgio has worked tirelessly to improve his students’ learning experiences. Giorgio has been instrumental in furthering hybrid and online instruction in his department. He has participated in several ASSETT seminars and workshops, mostly recently he was selected as a Faculty Fellow. He also received an ASSETT development grant award for implementing animations in his class. In the wider campus context, Giorgio has been a collaborator with OIT, Athletics and Advising on the Kubi project. Kubi is an interactive way for students to attend class, when they can’t physically be in class due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. If that isn’t enough, he is one of OIT’s Universal Design Fellows, working to advance accessibility and universal design adoption on campus. And these are just a few examples of Giorgio’s investment and commitment to improving teaching and learning in French and Italian, the College of Arts and Sciences, and across campus. 

Finally, Giorgio's students’ words speak the loudest. His students wrote that he is “committed to our success,” “very supportive of struggling students,” and “his availability is incomparable to any other CU professor I have ever had.” Another student appreciated the fact that “he made the class more of a community and an open environment where there are no wrong or stupid questions.” Even students who were initially reluctant to take a language class, said, “This was a class I did not have an interest in taking but was required to meet the language requirement…Giorgio not only made this an educational experience for me but an enjoyable one.” 

Giorgio continually seeks to improve his teaching practice, is always willing to help, encourages others to do the same and is ready to lend a hand when it comes to sharing his knowledge and experience gained as a teacher. He has consistently demonstrated a commitment and leadership in furthering ASSETT's mission of advancing teaching and learning through technology, and the university’s goal of inclusive excellence. If you see him around campus, please join us in congratulating him for his tireless efforts and receiving the Excellence in Teaching with Technology award!