Published: March 20, 2017

G Suite

G Suite
Aside from the name change from Google Apps to G Suite, you may have noticed other updates to these tools. While it’s hard to stay up to date with these changes, here are a few new features you may find beneficial.

Assign Action Items in Google Doc, Sheets, and Slide
Easily assign action items to people as you’re working in your file.  Highlight text, images, cells, or slide that you want to comment on and click the comment button. Begin typing text into the comment box.  Somewhere within your comment, type the email address, with an @ or + in front of the person you want to assign a task.  Click the box next to ‘Assign to [name]’ and click the Assign button.  The person you assigned an action item to will receive an email notification.  

Share a preview of a password-protected document
In the past, if you’ve wanted to password-protect a document in Google Drive you had to insert a code through Google Scripts.  However, you can now upload and share previews of read-only password-protected Microsoft Office documents, presentations, and spreadsheets through Google Drive.  While this method isn’t completely secured, it can help prevent unauthorized viewing.

Enhanced Search
Sometimes when we’re typing quickly, we misstype (<< it happens) and incorrectly spell words. Google Drive now has an autocorrect feature that suggests corrections to misspelled search items. This helps especially when you need to find docs in a pinch!

If you’re curious about what’s new in Google, check out their release calendar