Published: Feb. 17, 2017

2017 ASSETT Faculty Fellows. List of people pictured is in the image caption.

[back row] Giorgio Corda , Samuel Flaxman, Eve-Lyn Hinckley, David Budd, Brian Zaharatos, Kristopher Karnauskas, Andy Martin, Lonni Pearce, David Paradis, [front row] Jen Walentas Lewon, Jia Shi, Nicole Jobin, Amanda McAndrew, Pamela Harvey, Kira Hall, McKell Carter Carston

Congratulations and welcome to our first cohort of Faculty Fellows. We are excited to have a distinguished group of fourteen individuals, all from different departments, who are committed to continuous improvement of teaching and learning. Faculty Fellows seek to increase collaboration around teaching, learning, and technology challenges in our cohort and their individual departments. We will investigate current pedagogical approaches, identify teaching, learning and technology interests in departments, and develop potential avenues for further exploration. Fellows are participating in a seminar this spring and will develop an approach to investigate identified areas of departmental interest during the 17-18 academic year

"I hope to participate in critical discussions of new technologies and best teaching practices, dialogue with faculty in my department about how we can better serve our students in these areas, and in new work relationships and friendships with faculty across A&S."

~2017 Faculty Fellow

Name Title Department/Organization
David Budd Professor Geology
McKell Carter Carston Assistant Professor Psychology & Neuroscience
Giorgio Corda Instructor French & Italian
Samuel Flaxman Associate Professor Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Kira Hall Associate Professor Linguistics
Pamela Harvey Instructor Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Eve-Lyn Hinckley Assistant Professor Environmental Studies
Nicole Jobin Instructor Sewall RAP
Kristopher Karnauskas Assistant Professor Atmospheric & Oceanic Science
Jen Walentas Lewon Clinical Assistant Professor Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
David Paradis Instructor History
Lonni Pearce Senior Instructor Program of Writing & Rhetoric
Jia Shi Instructor Integrative Physiology
Brian Zaharatos Instructor Applied Math