Published: Nov. 28, 2016

Andy Martin is smilingDear Colleagues in Arts & Sciences,

ASSETT offers professional development options to faculty interested in implementing technology that will impact the academic success of their students.

I am particularly interested in the Faculty Fellows program because it gives diverse faculty members the opportunity to learn about teaching successes and challenges within and among departments. We are hoping that the program establishes and fosters stronger ties among faculty members across the college.

ASSETT has also developed teaching observation capabilities that are useful for faculty who are interested in gathering data to describe their teaching. The data can be used for more effective course revision and also for developing teaching dossiers that more accurately reflect the passion and effort involved in developing and teaching a course. Visit the VIP Service page to learn more.

Finally, on a more personal note, I have learned a lot about the challenges, commitments, and passions of different faculty members from across the college by being a part of the excellent ASSETT team. I want to thank my colleagues for their headlong engagement in the scholarly pursuit of teaching excellence.


Sincerely yours,

Andrew Martin
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology