Published: Nov. 1, 2016

Play Posit Screen ShotDid you know you can embed quizzes in video content and track student interactions with your videos?

PlayPosit is an interactive video tool that allows you to customize the student experience by laying your own custom lesson (quiz questions, text prompts, images, etc.) over video content. Using video from YouTube or other sources, you can add images, text, or a variety of quiz questions, share the lesson with your students for completion, and then monitor student activity and engagement through the analytics collected by the platform. The in-video quiz tools also allow you to incorporate feedback and can be an excellent platform for formative assessment. In Fall 2015, the Academic Technology Design Team (ATDT) began an isolated pilot of one promising interactive video tool, Zaption, in the redesign of Introduction to Engineering (COEN 1500), an 800 student hybrid course. Based on the success in COEN 1500, ATDT expanded this pilot in Spring 2016 to include a large (800 student) BCOR course out of Leeds School of Business taught by Mike Willis as well as PSYC 2145 (94 students) and PSYC 2606 (15 students) taught by Shaw Ketels. While the Spring 2016 pilots were successful, that specific tool is no longer available to educators. We are now excited to further explore PlayPosit as a solution for the CU Boulder campus. The ATDT is piloting PlayPosit as an interactive video tool solution for the CU Boulder campus. If you’d like to participate in our Spring 2017 PlayPosit pilot, contact the ATDT. For more information, please visit the PlayPosit Pilot webpage.

November, 2016