Published: Oct. 1, 2016

“How to: Increase Accessibility in your course”

There are several options and resources available for making your course accessible and user-friendly for all learners! Learn more about OIT’s Universal Design service and check out the calendar of events for more information on events focusing on skills to build your accessible authoring toolkit. One hot tip that is true for both documents and presentations: stop using the “insert text box” tool! Computers read such text boxes as images, not text, which makes anything you put inside them invisible to a screen reader user. Be sure to use the default layouts instead to design your materials. Want to find out more or see a demonstration of this tip in action? Weekly Tuesday open office hours and Friday learner’s lunches are great opportunities to explore what accessibility tips like this really mean in practice, how Universal Design can build an inclusive environment, and how you can create an accessibility roadmap toward alignments with the CU Accessibility Policy.