Published: Aug. 31, 2016

Kurtis Hessel contacted ASSETT requesting assistance with guiding his students in creating a collaborative podcast for a major course assignment for ENGL 3164: History and Literature of Georgian Britain. After consulting with a Teaching and Learning Consultant, an ASSETT Student Fellow (SF) was assigned to assist Kurtis.  

After selecting Audacity, an audio recording and editing software, to create podcasts, the instructor and SF corresponded via email to discuss how best to assist his students. Knowing that not all students had experience editing audio files, Kurtis and the SF scheduled two optional out of class sessions that covered the basic functions of Audacity. The SF prepared a brief one-hour overview of Audacity along with specific tools for podcast editing.  

During the first session, the Student Fellow presented Audacity, other Podcasting tools, and answered software and technical questions from students. Kurtis was also present during this session to provide contextual information that directly related to the course curriculum. This allowed students to synthesize course related and technical information specific to their project. Through the combined efforts of the Student Fellow and Hessel, the first session was successful and a second session was unneeded. Students successfully completed their projects by receiving just in time help without intruding on precious class time.