Published: May 8, 2015

Celeste MontoyaCU Boulder Women and Gender Studies students tell women's stories with equipment purchased through ASSETT Development Awards.  Associate Professor Celeste Montoya's Spring 2015 senior colloquium class created the Feminists of the Front Range project.  Montoya's students recorded interviews with self-identified feminists in the Boulder area.  Montoya said that students, "... used tape recorders and cameras from previous ASSETT awards the Women & Gender Studies Program has applied for."  The students used Photoshop to format photographs and quotations from the people with whom they spoke onto posters.

The students posted the posters around campus.  The students also created photo books that are on display at the Hazel Gates Woodruff Cottage.  Many of the interviewees' profiles are included on the Colloquium's Facebook page, Feminists of the Front Range.

Feminists of the Front Range, Women and Gender Studies 40th Anniversary Senior Colloquium ProjectMontoya said that through the Feminists of the Front Range project, her students learned about, "... how to best represent people in an ethical way," considering how personal conversations about feminism can be.  Montoya said the ASSETT Development Award was an, "... amazing resource for us to engage in more interactive teaching projects."

Montoya also received an ASSETT Development Award last year with which she purchased laptops and NVivo qualitative research software.  Montoya said that her students can train in research methods and learn how to code interview data with the software.